Recess Remix

What is Recess Remix? 

Recess Remix is an alternative recess activity led by volunteers. Recess Remix gives students an opportunity to participate in a fun and different activity each day. Recess Remix is perfect for students who perhaps don't love playing on the playground equipment, haven't found their social group quite yet or just want to try something different! This also gives students the chance to make new friends and have fun with a variety of activities weekly. 

How can you help?

 Do you sometimes have an hour or so in your day and want to spend it doing something fun AND meaningful? Consider volunteering for Recess Remix! This is a time where you can really just play and have fun with the great kids at Greenhills. Activities can vary from art projects, Lego building, board games to relay races. No experience is required and time commitment can be once a month to every other week, all that we’re looking for is a desire to create a fun environment for students! Email Jennie with questions at

Don't have the time but still want to help? We are always looking for new supplies to keep us going! We are in need of legos, art supplies (projects, paper, glue, crayons, markers, random odds and ends are fun too), board games, play doh and other fun activities you think might be a good addition to our closet. Please drop off in the office and email with any questions.